Couples walk away from city life in Brisbane and Melbourne to farm in rural Tasmania

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A weekend getaway to the mountains sparked a major life change for Brisbane couple Kim and Daniel Croker.

“I came home and said, ‘Why are we waiting to win the lotto to live our dream? Let’s just do it,'” Ms Croker said.

At the time, she was commuting three hours a day to the Gold Coast for work, while her husband Daniel was spending long hours in the lab as a dementia research academic.

The long-time foodies decided to give up their careers and buy a farm in northern Tasmania to produce free-range pork.

Three years later, the enterprise has proven a success, with demand outstripping supply and the couple now living entirely on income generated from the farm.

But it hasn’t been without its challenges.

The Crokers have had to buy their own refrigerated truck because there aren’t enough carcase transporters in Tasmania.

There is also uncertainty around the future of the only abattoir in the state that does service-kills for pigs.

“Without that, our business stops because if we can’t get the animals slaughtered, we don’t have any meat,” Ms Croker said.

But it hasn’t dampened the couple’s plans.

Mr Croker is busy in the on-farm butchery, making products that use the whole carcase, nose to tail.

His work area is much like the research laboratories from his former career — with one exception.

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